Unit 13: Wish | Cách dùng từ Wish chuẩn xác

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What verb forms follow ‘wish’?

For wishes about the present or future, use the subjunctive. Follow I wish with the past subjunctive. The past subjunctive looks like the past simple, except for the verb to be which uses were for all subjects.

I wish I had a better job.
I wish I were famous.
I wish I didn’t spend so much on clothes.

For wishes about the past, use the past perfect.

I wish I hadn’t drunk so much last night.
I wish I had accepted the job.

Ways of using the verb ‘wish’

1) Wish – something unlikely or impossible to be true

We use this pattern when we imagine a different past or present situation which is very unlikely or impossible. The clause after wish often uses a past form of the verb, such as was and hadn’t in these examples:

I wish my eyesight was better.

I wish I hadn’t told her.

2) Wish – for something

This is when you think very hard about something you want to happen – you wish for it to happen. We use it with for:

I wish for a happy, peaceful life.

She wished for a better job.

3) Wish – someone something

This is when you tell someone you hope they will experience something good like being safe or happy (it’s usually something good, but not always!). There is an indirect object (him) and a direct object (a safe trip) in the example:

I wished him a safe trip!

Here are two more examples which follow this pattern:

He wished me luck!

I wish you a happy anniversary!

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